Michael1068 (mediokurgenius) wrote in anti_quiz,

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Here at Jose Jones, Inc. we are proud to be an equal opportunity live journal community. Which is why we boast our freedom of "personal" self expression. We do not support the use of quizzes however, just because of this fact- the quizzes are not "personal". However, we do not censor the material that comes into our midst. We do however, laugh and jeer at those fuckers who insist on posting quizzes to our page. But, if thats the closest these people can come to expressing their personal selves, so be it. Its a sad sad sad world we live in when original thought is dead, and conformity is the norm. Maybe Mussolini was right and we should kill all of you. Or maybe marilyn manson and you should just kill yourselves, that would be easier for us. We are very tired right now, and slightly disoriented. You know where the stove is you fuckers, get to it.

With lots of love
Jose Jones, inc.
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