Michael1068 (mediokurgenius) wrote in anti_quiz,

because i cant sleep at 4 in the morning

We here at Jose Jones, Inc. are fucking pissed as usual.

Not in the british drunkard way, we mean in the fight club im gonna kick your ass cause im tyler durden way


you ask such a question

First, i check my email today...three pieces of email out of 35 are not porn ads...fucking pornpushers...and the three are replies to my posts

I was excited to see the support for our movement...,


to my surprise

2 of them were quiz results

what the fuck and i was about to kill someone

then the third one was about posting quizzes being as bad as ranting about those who do

and i thought ill post this and show others what made me so mad

but then i thought

why waste my FUCKING time?

i hate the fucking person who did this to me

i dont know her personally but i dont like her

and i dont care anymore

why the fuck does this shit happen...what did she expect...for me to see the light and change my ways...and just get along

well fuck that

i dont want to get along...for all i care her people and my people are like india and pakistan...and i will fucking nuke her ass if she fucks with me again...i dont care if i get booted off of live journal...i will be the fucking martyr...and i will go down in history...theyll name fucking elementary schools after me for my courage...

fucking a
that would totally kick ass

i would send my kids to school there

hell yea i would...its a little arrogant, but i think Jose Jones Elementary school would be fucking cool...and better than that no quizzes

i can see it all now

see what happens when you fuck with Jose Jones, Inc. you just make us stronger and more committed

signing out with a big "FUCK YOU"
your loving friends
Jose Jones, Inc.

I tried to post this weeks ago but i put it on my personal page
i didnt have anything better to do right now and im feeling particularly angry so i thought i would do it now
the next person that replies angrily to one of these posts and it ends up in my personal email...im gonna have to kick some serious ass
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