Michael1068 (mediokurgenius) wrote in anti_quiz,

i am so fucking bored

We here at Jose Jones, iNc. are sad to say that our founder has died. We are even sadder to say that apparently he has died in vain. Many quizzes are created and taken each day. We are also shocked to find many of these quizzes being taken by our members. Our request is that this be stopped. We have made this request several times and i think we've been pretty fucking polite about the whole thing. Well thats the end of that. We are sure you are not aware of what awaits those who continue such senseless bullshit. This is a secret we have kept well and will continue to keep it at this time.

What, you thought we would tell you and spoil our plan. We here at Jose Jones, Inc. are very good at keeping secrets and not telling where our weapons are hidden. But we dont really need those with the...wait a second...what the fuck do you think youre doing... You'll get nothing out of me.

Anyways. You all suck for not helping us out and spreading the word.

This community is about more than no quizzes. We also support many important things. Like taking licenses to drive away from old people. And then moving them to madagascar. Also things like voting in people to presidency who dont even want to be.

Than the real plan can begin of creating a true socialist society. Where monetary units are not necessary. And possessions are not judging guides of class.

We'll get to more on that later.
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