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Canadians aren't all that bad
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in freedomx's LiveJournal:

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Friday, July 22nd, 2005
1:05 am
It is I, Jose Jones, I have returned from the dead to purify my followers and redeem those who follow the dark side of quiz posting. Yes, I am upset. I will attempt to refrain from use of expletives unless absolutely necessary. WHAT THE FUCK HAS BEEN GOING ON HERE!?! I have been gone for 3 years and not a thing has changed. Must I remind you of the central doctrines of our faith:

I. No Quizzes (expletive deleted) - no fulfillment, like chopped sirloin at a chinese restaurant.
II. Monkeys can go to heaven
a) monkeys possessed of Satan
b) monkeys possessed by Michael Jackson
c) monkeys possessed by the popular television show Friends
How to tell if your monkey is possessed:
1) throws poop
2) takes quizzes online and posts them on livejournal
3) sings michael bolton or creed
4) likes Dirty Dancing, the movie
5) throws Michael Jackson
III. Reasons why Man is Five, the Devil is Six, and God is Seven
a) The number for God is seven, obviously
b) The number of the beast, the devil, is Six
c) To obtain heaven, or return to God, Man at Five, must overcome the Devil, at Six, and Attain Seven
IV. I need not remind you that monkeys can go to heaven, but they must be forgiven by St. Jose Jones, the patron saint of monkey forgiveness...
V. Five golden rings
VI. A pixiest must not ever reveal the true nature of the Pixieistic integrity that flows within

And of course the core of our religion: No Quizzes!

Harvest time has come! I tried to be nice about all this and hope that you would all come to your senses and realize your wicked ways. However, it seems that I am forced to take a more hands-on approach to dealing with you quiz takers and posters. And you loyal members out there, don't think you're getting off easy. You lack fear and respect for Me. Where is your diligence in observing my commands and demanding the same from your neighbors. You will feel extreme guilt from this time forward for every moment that you are not pursuing our goal of the Abolishment of quizzes. The Abolishment is not just some passing fancy. It is Essential to your salvation. Do or be damned.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Your loving leader,
Jose Jones, Inc.
Sunday, June 27th, 2004
10:09 pm
join new community
Hi I'm Valerie and just wanted to say hello to everyone here and invite any and all of you to join bliss_thoughts - a community my friend and i made for the free thoughts and enjoyment of everyone. anyways- hope everyone is well! hopefully i'll see you there!
Tuesday, April 13th, 2004
12:44 am
My royal subjects
"Like it or die" -- a great man

I am happy to be back here in anti-quiz. But I am sad to see the apathy that our members are displaying. We are no longer promoting the blatant and senseless dictional violence that I have long lost but still love. The quiz posting has not yet ended, so why is it that we, the truly devoted, have ceased to rant against it! Must I use expletives to persuade and encourage you. I hope this is not the case. Last post on this community included a kitty cat. Must I repeat this so many times:


Unless of course they are being mutilated in some amusing manner, in which case they are requested emphatically. But even this, if posted in the form of a quiz, will demand immediate and violent action. As far as my stewardship permits me to perform. Since I am 7, then I have all power and right to destroy people for such acts.

On a sadder note, I have killed user Shutupjoey so he can no longer post quizzes on this community site.

Well. I believe I have said what I feel needed to be said. Please continue in the pursuit of ending quiz posting, or we might all someday be known as what kind of breakfast cereal we are as determined by some pathetic loser nerd.

THank you
as always
Jose Jones, Inc.
Tuesday, January 20th, 2004
10:26 am
Hello I made a new community for girls only. Rules on the info page.
join hotpussy_cats
come see if your one of us, or just join are love connection you don't have to be a member to post in the hotpussy_cats HOT PUSSY CATS LOVE CONNECTION...CLICK CLICK

Sorry if this isn't allowed you can delete it if you want

Current Mood: drunk
Friday, January 16th, 2004
4:50 pm
Anti Quiz or Anti Flammatory? Down with Adam!
Here's a note for all you fuckers out there who think that we have gone away. No, we're not gone. No, we're not hiding in some hole in Iraq, and no we're not linked to the Taliban in any way.
However, we are getting ready for the revolution.
A naked revolution.
That's right, without clothes!!!
Sunday, September 28th, 2003
9:35 am
Quizzes are for retards.

Use a fucking lj cut, already!

Current Mood: cranky
Sunday, March 16th, 2003
9:09 pm

You are red. You are impure, but noble. You are precious and true to yourself and others. When you love, you love entirely, and will do anything to make your love happy. You are sure of your identity, therefore, you cannot change others or be changed. You are a true prince, you may be forgotten, but without you, none of us could go on.

What inner color are you?

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<font [...] shirono</font>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<A HREF= " http://quizilla.com/users/Shirono/quizzes/The%20inner%20color%20quiz%20(Utena%20Images)" > <IMG SRC="http://homepage.mac.com/werkers/colorquiz/youarered.jpg"> <P>You are red. You are impure, but noble. You are precious and true to yourself and others. When you love, you love entirely, and will do anything to make your love happy. You are sure of your identity, therefore, you cannot change others or be changed. You are a true prince, you may be forgotten, but without you, none of us could go on.</P> <P>What inner color are you? </P></A> <P><FONT SIZE= "-1"Quiz by Shirono</FONT> </P>

heh.. sorry its been awhile! red is prettyyyyyy
Thursday, March 13th, 2003
2:50 pm

Brought to you by silver_sunlight at anti_quiz.

Support the cause!

Click "Support the cause", because you know there's soooo much more.

Current Mood: accomplished

Wednesday, March 12th, 2003
2:07 pm
Quiz Bitch
I don't know who started this whole online quiz thing, but whoever did should be fucking SHOT.

Hello, my name is Lita and once I took a test that told me I was a strawberry ice cream cone and I said "Fuck you! I'm a human being! Not no fucking ice cream flavour!"

I mean really, somebody taking the quiz might actually care because they're unhappy with being born a person so they'd rather be a care bear cousin, but jesus christ! Does anybody really want to see your 30 quizzes results that you just took? If you're going to take the goddamn test, then take it. But atleast use a fucknig LJ CUT to give people the choice of seeing all your stupid pictures and crap. Some of us have better things to do.

Sure, it's your fucking journal. Go be a stubborn bitch and post all the crap you want. You sure as hell won't make MY friends list that way. But at least have the consideration that other people might not WANT to scroll page 50 quiz results, and see a load of crap.

Today somebody posted an anime boob test on my friends page and didn't cut it. I use the net at school, that asshole could've gotten me in trouble. So I bitched him out. I won't stand for that kind of crap.

LJ cut tags aren't hard, people. If you want to post quizzes and keep people on your list at the same time, do one of these things

one: learn how to use LJ friends groups.
make a group of people who might actually care about your stupid quizzes. Then when you post your fucking little pictures, make it available to that particular group

two: do a fucking cut tag!
it's not hard, I mean geez it's like a few extra characters...oooh you're going to break a nail.
duh look at me I post quizzes!

or if you want to go further...

<lj-cut text="Wanna see what kinda jelly bean I am?">
Hey, I'm not a jelly bean! I'm an American!

or three: you can not post any quizzes at all!!!
I mean, it's a total waste of time. It's fucking annoying. There's a community against quiz posting (which you'dknow if you can read this) and everyone will hate you for your addictive quiz posting ways. Most likely you'll get assasinated by myself or somebody who beats me to you.

I hadn't posted anything for a while, and the quiz thing has really been getting to me lately, so there's my two cents.

What's the verdict on those stupid online survey things?

Current Mood: bitchy
Monday, January 13th, 2003
4:54 pm
In light of recent events coming to pass in the Middle East we here at Jose Jones, Inc. are inclined to beg for greater support against quiz posting. We implore all members to make our presence known and tell others of our great cause. This is a time that we should be focusing on and discussing greater things than "What fucking dragon ball z or g32 character you are. Nothing against anime but who really gives a fuck. How many times do we have to tell you that you are not a Johnny Depp movie character nor a fucking flavor of jelly bean. People are dying and you're telling me to tell you what fraggle I am. You have to be pretty fucking oblivious to think that we have fucking time to talk about that lame kind of shit in a day.

Please help us to make a difference. let it start with you
Wednesday, November 13th, 2002
5:27 pm
We're Back
Fuck Quizzes

oh yeah...
Fuck You Too

Current Mood: pissed off
Thursday, November 7th, 2002
11:23 pm

I am RAY OF LIGHT Madonna // find out what Madonna you are here.

By Carly @ x-girl.co.uk

gotta love madonna...
11:18 pm
Which Kick-Ass Animated Heroine Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

yay i'm... whoever that is... yay....
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2002
4:59 pm

Current Mood: drained
Saturday, August 17th, 2002
11:26 pm

See which Greek Goddess you are.

yummy quiz. yummy. OMG LOOK! A QUIZ! *points to quiz* eeeeeeeeeviiiiiiiiiil! hey we should make a quiz! the antiquiz quiz! yay!

Current Mood: MUAHAHAHAHA!
Friday, August 16th, 2002
12:54 pm
Join Us

Here at Jose Jones, Inc. we are proud to be an equal opportunity live journal community. Which is why we boast our freedom of "personal" self expression. We do not support the use of quizzes however, just because of this fact- the quizzes are not "personal". However, we do not censor the material that comes into our midst. We do however, laugh and jeer at those fuckers who insist on posting quizzes to our page. But, if thats the closest these people can come to expressing their personal selves, so be it. Its a sad sad sad world we live in when original thought is dead, and conformity is the norm. Maybe Mussolini was right and we should kill all of you. Or maybe marilyn manson and you should just kill yourselves, that would be easier for us. We are very tired right now, and slightly disoriented. You know where the stove is you fuckers, get to it.

With lots of love
Jose Jones, inc.
Saturday, August 10th, 2002
3:46 am
because i cant sleep at 4 in the morning
We here at Jose Jones, Inc. are fucking pissed as usual.

Not in the british drunkard way, we mean in the fight club im gonna kick your ass cause im tyler durden way


you ask such a question

First, i check my email today...three pieces of email out of 35 are not porn ads...fucking pornpushers...and the three are replies to my posts

I was excited to see the support for our movement...,


to my surprise

2 of them were quiz results

what the fuck and i was about to kill someone

then the third one was about posting quizzes being as bad as ranting about those who do

and i thought ill post this and show others what made me so mad

but then i thought

why waste my FUCKING time?

i hate the fucking person who did this to me

i dont know her personally but i dont like her

and i dont care anymore

why the fuck does this shit happen...what did she expect...for me to see the light and change my ways...and just get along

well fuck that

i dont want to get along...for all i care her people and my people are like india and pakistan...and i will fucking nuke her ass if she fucks with me again...i dont care if i get booted off of live journal...i will be the fucking martyr...and i will go down in history...theyll name fucking elementary schools after me for my courage...

fucking a
that would totally kick ass

i would send my kids to school there

hell yea i would...its a little arrogant, but i think Jose Jones Elementary school would be fucking cool...and better than that no quizzes

i can see it all now

see what happens when you fuck with Jose Jones, Inc. you just make us stronger and more committed

signing out with a big "FUCK YOU"
your loving friends
Jose Jones, Inc.

I tried to post this weeks ago but i put it on my personal page
i didnt have anything better to do right now and im feeling particularly angry so i thought i would do it now
the next person that replies angrily to one of these posts and it ends up in my personal email...im gonna have to kick some serious ass
Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
8:10 pm
i am so fucking bored
And again...one more strategy to getting rid of quiz posting...go to random search once a day and see if they have posted quizzes...if so fucking rant on their ass...

If they kill themselves because of it...so be it...thats one less quiz posted

thank you for your support

Jose Jones, (god rest his soul)inC
8:00 pm
i am so fucking bored
We here at Jose Jones, iNc. are sad to say that our founder has died. We are even sadder to say that apparently he has died in vain. Many quizzes are created and taken each day. We are also shocked to find many of these quizzes being taken by our members. Our request is that this be stopped. We have made this request several times and i think we've been pretty fucking polite about the whole thing. Well thats the end of that. We are sure you are not aware of what awaits those who continue such senseless bullshit. This is a secret we have kept well and will continue to keep it at this time.

What, you thought we would tell you and spoil our plan. We here at Jose Jones, Inc. are very good at keeping secrets and not telling where our weapons are hidden. But we dont really need those with the...wait a second...what the fuck do you think youre doing... You'll get nothing out of me.

Anyways. You all suck for not helping us out and spreading the word.

This community is about more than no quizzes. We also support many important things. Like taking licenses to drive away from old people. And then moving them to madagascar. Also things like voting in people to presidency who dont even want to be.

Than the real plan can begin of creating a true socialist society. Where monetary units are not necessary. And possessions are not judging guides of class.

We'll get to more on that later.
Saturday, June 22nd, 2002
11:32 pm
Just a random thought...
I asked this in a reply to the previous entry. This is just a thought, I'm a curious person.

Has anyone made (or thought of) an Anti Quiz website? With an online petition, banners to put on your site to link back to it, links related to the cause, ect? If there isn't one yet, I'd be willing to donate my services. A cause such as this is worth the time and effort.

Current Mood: artistic
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