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Quiz Bitch

I don't know who started this whole online quiz thing, but whoever did should be fucking SHOT.

Hello, my name is Lita and once I took a test that told me I was a strawberry ice cream cone and I said "Fuck you! I'm a human being! Not no fucking ice cream flavour!"

I mean really, somebody taking the quiz might actually care because they're unhappy with being born a person so they'd rather be a care bear cousin, but jesus christ! Does anybody really want to see your 30 quizzes results that you just took? If you're going to take the goddamn test, then take it. But atleast use a fucknig LJ CUT to give people the choice of seeing all your stupid pictures and crap. Some of us have better things to do.

Sure, it's your fucking journal. Go be a stubborn bitch and post all the crap you want. You sure as hell won't make MY friends list that way. But at least have the consideration that other people might not WANT to scroll page 50 quiz results, and see a load of crap.

Today somebody posted an anime boob test on my friends page and didn't cut it. I use the net at school, that asshole could've gotten me in trouble. So I bitched him out. I won't stand for that kind of crap.

LJ cut tags aren't hard, people. If you want to post quizzes and keep people on your list at the same time, do one of these things

one: learn how to use LJ friends groups.
make a group of people who might actually care about your stupid quizzes. Then when you post your fucking little pictures, make it available to that particular group

two: do a fucking cut tag!
it's not hard, I mean geez it's like a few extra characters...oooh you're going to break a nail.
duh look at me I post quizzes!

or if you want to go further...

<lj-cut text="Wanna see what kinda jelly bean I am?">
Hey, I'm not a jelly bean! I'm an American!

or three: you can not post any quizzes at all!!!
I mean, it's a total waste of time. It's fucking annoying. There's a community against quiz posting (which you'dknow if you can read this) and everyone will hate you for your addictive quiz posting ways. Most likely you'll get assasinated by myself or somebody who beats me to you.

I hadn't posted anything for a while, and the quiz thing has really been getting to me lately, so there's my two cents.

What's the verdict on those stupid online survey things?
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