Michael1068 (mediokurgenius) wrote in anti_quiz,

i am so fucking bored

And again...one more strategy to getting rid of quiz posting...go to random search once a day and see if they have posted quizzes...if so fucking rant on their ass...

If they kill themselves because of it...so be it...thats one less quiz posted

thank you for your support

Jose Jones, (god rest his soul)inC
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July 19 2002, 19:32:52 UTC 14 years ago

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<a href="http://www.geocities.com/madixseizure/rufith.html"><img src="http://www.strike9.com/file.aspx/path=/phantazym/fullsize/harmless.jpg" </A>
Are you fucked in the head? Take the <a href="http://www.geocities.com/madixseizure/rufith.html">test.</a>


July 19 2002, 19:36:10 UTC 14 years ago


You're a hopeless romantic. You fall in love easily and quickly, and often have your heart broken. You like romantic movies, books, and you're always trying to think of some way to wow your honey. People call you sentimental or idealistic, and sometimes they even make some comment about they might vomit if they have to listen to go on and on any more. Phew. Some day, though, you will make someone very happy.

Be cool! Take the What Do You Want Out Of Life? Quiz (http://www.damnsw.net/~matt/lifequiz.html)

People who waste time writing rants bashing quizzes are as bad as the quiz posters they hate.

I say there is nothing wrong with quiz taking, as long as you even it out with actual posting.

No they are not...

Why the fuck do i care what you think...

I can't believe im actually using my time to reply to your lame ass statement

go back to your pathetic little world where you believed your pathetic reply would matter

-dont bother me anymore
And I say: Go back to dry humping your father. You're a waste of time.

Here's a quiz for you:
Which relative are you MOST attracted to?
You can take it at www.yousuckballs.com
*points at anti quiz boy laughing*


*shakes head*

ok , nevermind , your not a loser , but you gotta find something else to do with your time other than freaking out about other people and their stupid obsessions.....



August 6 2002, 13:00:36 UTC 14 years ago

grr u suck.
quizzes rule
alright genious, then what else do you suggest we do when we're bored?